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Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation: Active Nature Experiences

Are you looking for active ways to get to know Zillertal and Alpine nature? Exciting recreational opportunities such as climbing, canyoning and rafting are all about pushing your body, building team spirit, tapping into your inner strength and, of course, having all kinds of fun!

Via Ferrata Climbs in Mayrhofen

If you are already here in the mountains, there really is only one direction to go: upwards, of course! Awaiting you in Mayrhofen are several via ferrata climbs ranging from easy to expert. It’s only about a 30-minute walk from your apartment to the Huterlaner and Zimmereben fixed-cable climbs as well as the Himmelsleiter practice climbing area. Even more vertical challenges are available to you on the Penken itself.

Via Ferrata Zimmereben Via Ferrata Knorren

Canyoning: immerse yourself in our mountain world

Climb, slide, swim, rappel, and jump into crystal-clear mountain water: Canyoning combines action, fun and discovery in nature unlike any other form of recreational activity. One of the best resources for your canyoning adventure is Mountain Sports in Mayrhofen – a business that specializes in offering outdoor adventures. Together with trained guides, you will be able to set out on a full range of canyoning tours for rookies, families and experienced explorers.

Rafting: master the powerful currents

When you go rafting, you have to tackle rapids and lots of turbulent stages. Teamwork is what it’s all about if you want to reach your ultimate destination by boat – every participant has to contribute to taking on those powerful waves. Your rafting adventure can begin here in Mayrhofen, taking your downriver on the Ziller as far as Hippach. The organizer will supply all the necessary equipment and ensure you are up on all the important safety procedures. So that your rafting expedition promises wonderful enjoyment for the whole family!