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Skiing & Snowboarding

Skiing in Zillertal

When winter wraps Zillertal in a cloak of white, there is but one thing to do: head for the mountains and ski areas! Awaiting you are the laid-back Ahorn in the south and the action-packed Penken in the west.

Penken – the “action mountain”

The Penken is an exciting mountain indeed, offering 110 kilometers of pistes and all difficulty levels. Here, everyone finds their personal dream slope. And when you do, you will never be able to get enough. For true “pros”, the Harakiri piste is a must – with a 78% gradient, it is the province’s steepest run and a test of courage in a class of its own. Snowboarders love to show off their stuff, not only out on the slopes, but also in the popular Vans Penken Park. Away from the pistes, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy refreshments and endless après-ski fun.

Ahorn – the “laid-back mountain”

The Ahorn takes things at a slightly more relaxed pace. The pistes are wide, making them ideal for beginners and families with children. One of the most delightful experiences is undoubtedly red-rated piste No. 5: the Ahorn Valley Run. From up at the Ebenwald chairlifts, you will be able to gently slice your way down forested hillsides, with lots of refreshment opportunities along the way. After dropping some 5.5 kilometers in total, you will finally be back in the valley.

With Villa Romantica as your home base, all of the joys of winter are never far away. The lifts to both of our ski areas are within easy walking distance: 9 minutes to the Ahornbahn and just 5 minutes to the Penkenbahn!